Below is a form letter urging your congressional representatives to support two pieces of legislation: The Presidential Tax Transparency Act requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns to the public and the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act requiring the president and vice president to divest from their business holdings and place their assets in a blind trust.

I am writing to ask that you support two pieces of legislation that are crucial to ensuring the integrity of the executive branch of our government. These are the Presidential Tax Transparency Act, which requires presidential candidates to make their tax return from the past five years public record, and the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act, which requires the president and vice president to divest of their assets and place them in a blind trust. While it is customary for presidential candidates to voluntarily release their tax returns, and for presidents to voluntarily palace their assets in a blind trust, neither of these customs has been codified into law. We now have a president with extensive domestic and international business holdings, which present an unprecedented level of potential conflicts of interest and corruption. A fundamental duty of the legislative branch as defined by our Constitution is to check the power of the executive branch. Now is the time for you to take action to preserve the integrity of our government.

Donald Trump is now a public servant, and the public has the right to know whether he is using his executive authority to line his family's pockets. According to FEC filings, the Trump campaign disbursed nearly $12 million to Trump companies, representing 3.6% of total campaign disbursements. It is worth noting that the Trump campaign received $87.6 million in unitemized small dollar donations, $36 million from retirees and $18.4 million from self employed individuals. It is a sad coincidence the amount the campaign received from unemployed or disabled individuals was almost exactly equal to the money paid by the campaign to Eric Trump's wine company (roughly $32 thousand). 

President Trump has failed to take the bare minimum steps to ensure that there is no conflict of interest with his office and his businesses. This makes it exceedingly difficult for the public to trust that the President's actions are taken for good of the nation rather than his own personal interests. It is your responsibility hold the President accountable and legally compel him to demonstrate the level of transparency that the public expects.